The Fighter Pilot

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There was no denying it. Even a blind man could see that Umbrella was on a steadfast decline to oblivion. 

There were soldiers who were cowardice jumped ship immediately when the heat was starting to intensify against the corporation. Then there were those who were loyal from the start. When the company went down, they would make sure that it would go down in the most dignified manner it could.

The majority of the Umbrella Security Service members stayed with the company. This included the two highly revered members HUNK and Lone Wolf. They didn’t speak much on what was happening. They were too busy being dispatched on separate missions.

Now that Umbrella was practically on its death bed, this period enabled them to reflect more so on what direction each individual was going to head in. Lone Wolf made it clear that he was going to just freelance every now and then. There wasn’t going to be any more companies like Umbrella. He had heard of one that tried to recruit. Called themselves “Neo-Umbrella”. Cute. Lone Wolf wasn’t going to even entertain the notion of serving some group of imitators. He was positive that HUNK wouldn’t do the same. After all, he was the pinnacle of what loyalty is and what it meant to the subordinates of the U.S.S.

Then came the whispers. Nothing serious at first, the subject of Neo-Umbrella was brought up at an increasing rate by different soldiers. Small talk. Only worthy of an eye roll at best. From the small talk to something of a more noteworthy concern, there were some active recruiters.

Neo-Umbrella was becoming aggressive in approach. It should have been estimated since Umbrella was the same in nature.

As days passed, Lone Wolf kept a keen sense of hearing about him when it came what soldiers were saying. Some were accepting offers, others declined. They didn’t matter. What mattered were the key players’ decisions. The lower ranked soldiers who openly shared their new commitment with their peers would talk about how nothing has changed in terms of expectations but under hushed tones they would disclose who else joined their ranks. Surprising with some of the decisions but still nothing on HUNK. No news was good news.

That was until his time came.

Lone Wolf was finishing up in the locker room when the sounds of two soldiers entering the same room halted him. They were already in the midst of conversation.

“Did you hear? The Alpha leader decided to join.”


“So I heard.”

“You don’t know exactly?”

“Well…Okay, okay. Ya got me. I don’t know for sure but he was spending a hell of a lot of time with some lady…”

Lone Wolf’s brow furrowed as he left the vicinity of the two grunts. He didn’t want to hear anymore. If he was willing to spend time on another issue, he was going to dedicate to it. All of the years of working with him gave Lone Wolf the insight.

The thought of losing someone like him to vultures like them was nerve-breaking.

In a couple of days passing, Lone Wolf found himself in HUNK’s office. Everything seemed in order as usual as the two were at opposite ends. Although there was this unsettling feeling that would soon come to pass.

There he was sitting at his desk, shuffling papers and not giving a damn. Typical HUNK.

“Seems like jobs aren’t paying as good as they used to. On top of that, they’re becoming rare.” Lone Wolf spoke out of the blue. Whenever, the two were together, the pilot was the one starting the conversation.


“I don’t hear you agreeing with me. I guess being the golden boy does have its advantages.”

“Command simply wants success. Why take a chance with someone else when they know I am more than capable of completing the task at hand?”

“Perhaps they would want someone who’s loyal?”

That’d do it. HUNK settled his papers aside for a moment. Questioning his loyalty was a big no-no for subordinates. “What the hell are you talking about pilot?”

“You heard me. Maybe Command would want a loyal operative. Not someone who’s on the fence like you are.”

“Lone Wolf, I’ve put up with you for the longest and you know me better than that.”

“Do I?” Lone Wolf’s head tilted slightly to compliment his amusement. “All these years I’ve worked with you yet I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface when it comes to ‘knowing you’.”


“I say this because there was talk about you actually taking the Neo-Umbrella bait.”

“You’re going by hearsay? You’re going to have to do better than that to see if I’d betray Umbrella.”

“You’re right Leader…I didn’t go by that alone. I also did some research. Turns out you’ve agreed to their terms. You signed on the dotted line and the whole nine yards. I’ve seen your new little contract. You start in three months. The supposed ‘be-all-end-all’ date of the Umbrella Corporation.”

HUNK’s gaze fixated on the pilot as he rose from the chair. “…”

“Now don’t be mad if I did my homework. I just wanted to be prepared.” A light smile was on Lone Wolf’s face. But that would soon fade as he continued. “I expected better from you Sir.”

“Your expectations were never significant to me pilot.” HUNK stopped as he was a foot and a half away from Lone Wolf.

Weird how one baseless sentence got under the pilot’s skin. He laughed it off briefly but was immensely annoyed that his leader would say such a thing. It was like he was just another stepping stone for the Alpha leader and nothing more.

“My…Leader…” The pilot mumbled. His hand was shaking as it was reaching towards his side. The hand was rested on the combat knife handle. A quick motion and the knife was unsheathed. “My Leader never talks to me like that!”

Eyeing the piece of steel, HUNK was getting agitated. Guess he was going to have to kick Lone Wolf’s ass once again.

“Get over yourself pilot. Your leader doesn’t give a shit about you. Now put the knife away before you really piss me off.”

“I’m not going to let you degrade yourself by selling out. You deserve better.” The knife was now at eyelevel. Lone Wolf began to advance towards his superior. HUNK got into a defensive position.

Not even thinking about the first strike, Lone Wolf swatted at the air. HUNK instinctively evaded.

“And you call yourself loyal. Operatives looked up to you. Still look up to you and you’re going to jump ship.”

“Their loss.”

“I hate to say this, but it’s what your attitude is right now, people like you that are attributing to this company’s failure. You don’t care about anyone but yourself!”

“That’s the spoils of war pilot. Survival is your responsibility. I’m sick of having to repeat myself over for you hard of hearing types.”

The more he spoke the more he was belittling those who believed in him. HUNK would try to get a hold on him to disarm him. All those years working with him, studying his moves allowed Lone Wolf to have equal ground when it came to fighting him.

“Sure, I’m hard of hearing but I’m a better listener than you’ll ever be.” Griping the knife handle tighter than usual. “You don’t know…You don’t know how much I wanted to be on good terms with you. You didn’t even give me the time of day outside of being professional.”

“That’s how a job works. We don’t need to make pretend anything else but a professional relationship.”

“I look up to you! You’re like family to me! Hell, you are my family!” Lone Wolf snarled with the knife wielding hand trembling uncontrollably. Maybe he’d listen for once. Maybe…

“What the hell are you talking about—?”

An opening!                          


Before HUNK knew it, a knife was planted deep in his side. Looking down to see the knife handle in his side, he tried to push Lone Wolf off of him but the pilot was persistent in keeping the knife firmly in his side.

“You are my family…” Lone Wolf said once more. “I won’t let you do this to me and to yourself. You are a highly revered captain and captains go down with ships. Not jump them.” Lone Wolf could feel hands tearing into his forearm in hopes of easing off the knife.

No. No getting out of this one. The pilot violently twists the knife embedded in HUNK’s side.

“I’m sorry but you deserve better. I hope you can find it in you to forgive me…”

With that he pulls out the knife from his leader’s body. A critical wound that made Mr. Death crumple to the floor with blood gushing out of the wound. The pilot looked onward as his Leader took his final breaths.

It was a pitiful sight to see. HUNK all hunched over bleeding profusely while the pilot simply watched him bleed to death. Oh how he wanted things to be much different. How he wanted a friendship with the guy but it seems that Lone Wolf couldn’t keep that together. But one thing’s for sure.

He would be damned if he were to lose HUNK to someone like them, even if it meant taking him out before he were to align with Neo Umbrella. It was a heartache that would have inevitably happened.

All Lone Wolf did was turn his back against the corpse who was formerly known as his leader and make his exit from Umbrella.

See you in the next life…Mr. Death.


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Lone Wolf: *singing* I can show you the woooooorld…


Why not?

You know why.

I’m always on top.

But of course.

((He wants you to show him the world.))

(Oh he’ll get a whole new world alright. 







((Admit it, Umbrella. You made Nemesis cus you hoped THIS would happen:))


I could take him

((Who knows? Neither of you are even in your final forms.))

(( Isn’t Nemesis’s final form like a slug thing? Birkins should be faster because he kept a human like shape.))

(Birkin has a serious case of vagina dentata for his final form. Remember?


Even if Nemeslug was, well a slug, he was still pretty mobile. This would be the slowest battle in the history of RE though. XD)




Lone Wolf: *singing* I can show you the woooooorld…


Why not?

You. I need to discuss something with you in private.

…? *concerned*

Alright well, lead the way.


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I’ve roleplayed a lot of things in the past. One thing I enjoyed the most (next to Assassin’s Creed) is Resident Evil. So, as an ode to a bunch of previous accounts/roleplays I’ve had and to all the people that went along with me, I give you this.

Some random, mediocre…


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From the moment he saw her, he knew she was trouble for him. He should have eliminated her when he first laid eyes on her.

Doing his best to keep at his composure, Lone Wolf tore through room after room looking for her. Violently flinging objects such as chairs and tables about. 

There were signs all leading towards her. He should’ve known she would compromise him if given the chance. Now, a whole goddamned organization was out for his head. Yes, he had to keep it all under control. If he was going to go down, he was going to make sure he’d take her with him.

Make her bleed, make her suffer to her last breath.

In order to do that, he’d have to flush the fox out of her den.

The place was abandoned. Why did she run off in here was beyond him. It really didn’t matter. It was going to be her final resting place.

His breathing was so erratic. Emotion was something that was never to be brought in the battlefield. He spent countless hours of training to reinforce that. But this time, it was personal. He couldn’t help it. He foolheartedly let his guard down. What was it about her that made her seem so trustworthy?


His attention snapped at the nearby door. He could’ve sworn he heard a sound. He didn’t bother with his gun. He wanted to deal with her with his bare hands. Any fool could squeeze the trigger and end a life. But death by a slow and painful method was much more satisfying for the former Umbrella operative.

"Come on out little fox. After all that you’ve put me through, I’d figure you’d be brave enough to come deal with me instead of playing this hide and seek bullshit!"

The last part sounding forced and frustrated as he continued to search for the BSAA operative. The more time he wasted dealing with this foolishness, the more he wanted to spend time torturing her to death.

His footsteps dragged on as they made their way towards the door. "I know you’re close by…"

Then in a flash, the door was kicked in by none other than the female agent. Her pistol aimed at her opponent. Lone Wolf wasn’t planning on being a sitting duck for her.

With lightning quick stride he approached the red-haired female before she could squeeze the trigger. His main objective was to get that gun out of her hand under any circumstances. The two wrestled over who was to get control of the fight. Circe wasn’t letting go of the grip and Lone Wolf wasn’t going to let her fire the gun.

After a few tense moments, Lone Wolf shifted his weight to try and overwhelm her. To his misfortune she stood her ground. The two tussled out of the doorway and into the adjacent hall. This sudden change in momentum caused the pilot to loose his footing and place his hand directly over the barrel of the gun. 

Big mistake.

As Lone Wolf re-positioned his hand, Circe was able to fire one shot. The lead containing round went straight through his hand. 

The pilot hissed in pain as the sensation was almost to the point of overwhelming him. 

No, don’t let something this small scale deter you from the main objective. It’s survival. It’s her or you.

The adrenaline pumping and the blood pouring from the gaping fresh exit wound kept him going.

Circe was surprised herself as Lone Wolf kept moving as if that gunshot wound wasn’t apparent. 

That was all the time he needed to change the tide of battle.

Her guard was let down for the quickest moment and Lone Wolf pushed through the pain as he was able to seize her gun wielding arm. He twisted her wrist to make her drop the gun. Then he held her arm back behind her as he brought the other arm around her neck pulling her towards him. His arm had a tight hold on her and now that she was constricted to where she couldn’t fight him off properly.

"You know what the best part about catching little foxes after the hunt is?"

His wounded hand retrieved his combat knife at his side. No answer coming from the woman as she focused all her energy into breaking free. Oh no, she wasn’t going to get away.

"Being able to skin them."

The gentle tilt upward with the confining arm left a nice area for the pilot to work with. The tip of the knife began to puncture the delicate flesh. It wasn’t going to be a clean slit working with the damaged hand but it might make the pain intensify more. 

He could feel the sticky liquid brush against his forearm. She fought less and less as the knife when deeper and deeper trying to hit the jugular.

Only a few more seconds until her body went limp. His hand couldn’t move the knife across her throat but he could just push it in deeper.

There were several spots of blood on the floor. Her clothing must have absorbed the majority of the spill. He released her when he finished. 

Her body made a hard thud against the ground.

It felt so liberating to be the one to pay her back. Looking at her corpse with the combat knife stuck in place gave him a satisfaction of the monster within him.

With a simple scoff he added. “Keep the knife. It’s something to remember me by.”

The pilot made his exit outside of the building.

"Freeze! Get your hands in the air now!" The pilot halted when he noticed the platoon of foot soldiers surrounding the area.

There the man stood, an arm glazed in crimson tainted with the scent of death. He didn’t budge. 

He didn’t count how many of those goody-goody B.S.A.A agents were stationed outside to greet him but all Lone Wolf could do was smile and accept defeat.

+1 Target


Agent chuckled silently, his shoulders bouncing up and down.

"Didn’t anyone tell you, Umbrella went the way of the dinosaurs awhile ago. No one works for Umbrella anymore. All their agents were disbanded, liquidated or absorbed into other corporations. Neo-Umbrella is the new kid on the block—not that I work for them."

Huh, no shit. I was one of the first to know and one of the last to leave.

Not to make fun of the “new kid on the block” but obviously they’re biters. Umbrella paved the way now everyone else who attempts to come off as a threat is just riding on their coattails. I don’t really care for Neo-Umbrella so you’re smarter than I perceive you to be by not working for them.

Although, if you work for the government, I’ll take back what I just said and have to kick your ass on the spot.

Hot on her trail, the pilot chased down one of the four targets Jill Valentine of Raccoon City Police Department’s S.T.A.R.S unit. She was an agile one, he’d given her that. The two had separated from their respective squads. A big mistake for the rookie survivor or the novice soldier but these two were far from that.

Jill would do anything to block Lone Wolf from pursuing her without any complications. She leap over various heights, fire warning shots, and topple over trash bins to get him further away from her. The loud noises surely were attracting the infected. 

Foolish woman. The sooner he would be able to neutralize her the better.

The groans of the infected were drawing closer to the two humans. The pilot had to think fast. He immediately took out the hypo gun issued to the U.S.S field scientists. It was readily loaded with the T-virus. He halted in his tracks to get a steady shot on the woman.

He couldn’t delay much longer as she would be out of range for the dart to be successfully planted in her.

She kept running. 

One click of new contraption and the needle went flying. 

The pilot continued on to close the gap between the two once more.


If his face was exposed, he would have clearly been smiling at the success of the viral infection.

There it was, the dart nestled in her back slowly coursing through her body as the fluid emptied from the dart.

Her breathing became more harsh and labored. Her somewhat renowned agility was being disproved before the pilot’s very eyes. She wasn’t up to par when she initially separated from her pack as she was already succumbing to the effects of the T-virus.

Time wasn’t a luxury with this mission. Command had explicitly stated to rid of anyone who could cast Umbrella under suspicion for the Raccoon City incident and to do so in a timely manner.

Jill was getting worse as the seconds passed by. She was even reduced to clutching at her throat, kneeling to the ground. 

She was going through immense pain one could only imagine. 

If the T-virus could do this, what exactly could the G-virus do if manufactured in similar fashion?

Lone Wolf could only keep a mental note as Jill was coughing violently, spitting up blood. Her eyes were conforming to this eerily glow that was similar to that of an infected.

"I have to say Miss Valentine, a shame you’ve chosen the wrong side." Jill didn’t want to hear it. She was writhing around violently as one would conclude that she was about to lose her battle against the pathogen. 

"This cat and mouse game was fun but I have more important things to do, more than likely, kill the rest of your teammates."

He draws his pistol out aiming it at her head. 

Nah, too easy. She wouldn’t suffer.

Then he let the barrel of the weapon trail down lower until he stopped at her abdomen region. Jill was a bit thrown off as to where he was aiming the gun. It wasn’t a lethal area to get wounded off the bat but for the U.S.S agent, it was good enough.

"Enjoy the parting gift of Umbrella Miss Valentine."

BANG! Single shot fired.

Jill cringed as Lone Wolf put the gun back in its holster. He turned away from her and began jogging back to his squad’s stronghold. As soon as he heard the blood-curdling scream of her losing the struggle with the T-virus, Lone Wolf gave a wicked, satisfied smile concealed by the mask.

On to the next target…

+1 Target




Identify yourself.

…*stern look* I get the feeling I’ve seen him from somewhere before.

Tch. Whatever happened to “Hello, my name is… What’s yours?”

Not like I’d tell you, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more personable for a first impression.

What’s with your get-up? Is that supposed to a costume or something?

"Socializing is for time off and I am never off the clock." Agent replied over the speaker built into his helmet. “I asked you for identification so that I don’t mistake you for my target."

Hmph, good for you then. You must have a shit ton of overtime on under your belt at the rate you’re going.

And like I’ve said before, I’m not going to tell you. Take that as is. If I deem myself as a target in your eyes then so be it. But let me warn you, I’m more than capable of making you miss the target completely.

With that said. You want to test your skills against Umbrella’s finest?